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The human body is an elongated face.


(Xexoxial Editions, 2012)

A Collection of 77 visual, conceptual, and word poems.


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Revised edition, 2018, available through via Create Space On Demand Publishing.

Complete edition translated from the French of Malcolm de Chazal with an Introduction by Irving Weiss. Foreword by W.H. Auden.

Earlier edition published by Green Integer Press (2007) is out of print, but may be available through secondary book sellers.

Malcolm de Chazal  Wikipedia

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James Geary, Guide to the World of Aphorisms,  James Geary on Malcolm de Chazal, Video

Harvard Book Review by David Rice.

Infrapics: Xerolage 35
(Xexoxial Editions, 2005)
A collection of visual poems representing the relation of enclosed content and legend as in the emblem poem, single-panel cartoon, or news photograph.

Number Poems
(Runaway Spoon Press, 1997)
A collection of visual, conceptual, and word poems about numbers; composed according to their numbered parts; or based on their uses of number lore. 

Grumman Blog

Visual Voices: The Poem As a Print Object
(Runaway Spoon Press, 1994)

A collection of traditional poems in the English language reworked and transformed into objects set in page space.

Minimalist Concrete Poetry

Reflections on Childhood: A Quotations Dictionary
(ABC Clio, 1991)
Compiled and edited with Anne D. Weiss.

James Geary Blog

Thesaurus of Book Digests, 1950-1980
(Crown Publishers, 1981)
Edited by Hiram Haydn and Edmund Fuller. Augmented and re-edited with Anne D. Weiss.

(SUN, 1979)
Revised and augmented edition of Plastic Sense under the original French title.

Selections from Malcolm de Chazal

Geary’s Guide to the World of Aphorisms (Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2007

American Authors and Books: 1640 to the Present Day
(Crown Publishers,1972)
Edited by W.J. Burke and Will D. Howe. Third edition augmented and re-edited with Anne D. Weiss.

Plastic Sense
(Herder and Herder, 1972)
Translated from the French of Malcolm de Chazal's Sens-Plastique (Gallimard, 1948) by Irving Weiss. Preface by W. H. Auden. Selection of aphorisms and pensées on the sensual connections among all the elements of nature seen as versions of the human face and body.

New York Times Book Review.  October 10th, 1971, Charles Simmons:  “The Last Word: Malcolm de Chazal.”

Our Own Kind: A Novel of Small-Town America During World War II
(Xlibris, 2004)

Anne D. Weiss
Personal experiences and social changes in a small historic northeastern town during World War II.

Our Own Kind: A Novel of World War II in Small-Town America (Paperback)

 Chapter 1


Irving Weiss's writings include visual and word poems, fiction, essays, translations, and reviews, published in anthologies and in general and literary magazines in print and online. He has given readings and presentations, joined in mail art sendings, and exhibited mounted prints of his visual poems.

Various writings have appeared in the collections:   The art of typewriting, (Thames & Hudson 2015) pp. 341-342; The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 (Fantagraphics Books 2012) pp.80, 176; Spidertangle (Xexoxial Editions, 2009); An Introduction to the Prose Poem (Firewheel Editions, 2009);  Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection  (The Rare Books and Manuscripts Library Ohio State University Libraries, 2008); Geary's Guide to the World's Great Aphorists (Bloomsbury USA, 2007);  Birthday Book: A Festschrift for Richard Kostelanetz's 60th (or 65th) Year (Libros de Barba, 2005); Fragments/Fragmentos (Heterogenesis, 2005); W.H. Auden: Nel Trentennale della Scomparsa (1973-2003) (Renzo e Rean Mazzone Editori, 2004); Writing on Water (MIT Press, 2001); A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes (Schirmer Books, 2000); The Epistolary Form and the Letter As Artifact (Pig Iron Press, 1991); A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky (MHO and MHO Works, 1987); DC Magazine: A Literary Retrospective (Paycock Press, 1982); Poets on Photography (Dog Ear Press, 1981); A Critical (Ninth) Assembling (Assembling Press, 1980); McLuhan: Pro and Con (Funk and Wagnalls, 1968) (New York Times Review).

Selective Serial Publications and Other Presentations


word for/word, Issue 17, Summer 2010, Emblematics

Everyday Genius

Poem with Eroded Edges

World Within a World Poem



New York Times

“What Do Women Want”

Daniel Berger 2/8/09

Reader's Comment #220

Getting Something Read: Short Poems

Anthology Spidertangle (Xexoxial Editions, 2009)

“Nature and Man Are a Given”

“Obscurity, My One-in-Three Piece- Together Fate”

Review of My Summer 1969 course "Just Add Water"




Tertulia Magazine Quarterly, April 2008 “The Enigma of the Human Face”

Otoliths 9, May 2008 Four Visual Poems

O mar, el mar, the sea, la mer, il mare Project



Chimera: I Am My Own Twin: Success!, 2007

Irving Weiss, pp. 64-67

Selections from Sens-Plastique

“Italian sonnet”

The Lyre, February 2007

“Black Ice”

“The Lake”

 Natural Bridge, Number 17, Spring 2007

Selections from Sens-Plastique

“Corpus: From Head to Toe”

word for/word No. 12, Summer 2007

i.e.” and “Untitled



Hot Metal Press, Autumn 2006 - “The Man in the Crushed Derby”

Blog auxiliary September 2006 to Eratio Poetry Journal
on review of Visual Voices originally
in Meat Epoch #19, 1996, including "Some Notes After"

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Griddle Grin, Puddle Leaflet Series, #7 2006
"Poem with Vowel Music Strung Too Tight"
"Poem with Eroded Edges"

Word, Issue one, Peek Review 2006

word for/word, Issue 10, 2006

Black Box, Summer Collisions 2006
Mirror Man”

Mail Art to and from Dan Waber and Irving Weiss, December 2006

Green Integer Review no.3, 2006 Selected aphorisms from Sens-Plastique

“30 Days Poem”
Sleeping Fish, issue 0.875
Otoliths, Issue 3, 2006

Botched Blot


Twelve Visual Voices as Concrete/Minimal Poems

word for/word, Issue #8 Three Infrapics

Durban Segnini Gallery Visual Poetry Exhibit

Heterogenesis: A Tribute to Pablo Neruda, Fragments/Fragmentos video and print publication


Tiziana Morosetti, W.H. Auden: Nel Trentennale della Scomparsa (1973-2003), 2004 Conversation with Thekla Clark and Irving Weiss recorded in Bagno a Ripoli Firenze (2003)
Barry Smylie Website: Excerpts from Visual Voices


Ruth and Marvin Sackner

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Stream #2. 2003

Title Index to Specific Concrete Poems on the Internet “Watar.”

The Montserrat Review, Issue 7, 2003.“Excerpts.”

Spidertangle: The Book


ALibris selling Reflections and Thesaurus 2003

Poetic Inhalation (2003)

Xerography: The Triple Edition. November, 2003. Twelve bent nails.


Mangrove Editions: International Review, Four North American Visual Poets. October 2002. “Child of an Expanding Earth” and “Synoptic Poem.”

Ohio State University Avant-Garde 2, 2002

Photograph of Irving Weiss, Ohio State University Avant Garde 2

Diana Levinson Fine Arts:Wordseen Group Exhibit of Visual Poems. Miami, FL. March 7-29, 2002.

“Thing.” “Vertical Reality Sandwich,” “Drawing Poem.” “What’s Wrong with This Picture,” “Origins,” “Creation. . .by Water into Word.”

Montserrat Review, Number #6 , 2002. “Border Crossings.”

Project Hope. 1992. Animation and sound by Reiner Strasser.


Cauldron Vol.3, Spring 2001

Peace Island: Jeju International Mail Art Show.



Reiner Strasser Response to Scratchpad, 2000

ComprePoetica, 2000


“Bent Nail”

RIO: A Journal of the Arts, #3, #4. #5, #6, #8. 2000. Visual poems and selections from Sens-Plastique

Drunken Boat, June 2000. Eight visual poems.

Van (formerly Mo’Gombu) #1, #5, # 20, #26, #30. 2000.

Tell Me the Truth About Love, BBC television film about W.H. Auden, Art Zone Series, BBC2 March 26, 2000. Interviews in part with Irving and Anne D. Weiss.


Difference Engine, 1999. “Neat Fuss,” “Sing Out,”

Lost and Found Times, 42. May, 1999. “Risk.”

East of the Bay: A Chester River Anthology (Chester River Writers, 1999). “Name That Name.”

Visible Language, 33.2. 1999. “She was here a moment ago ” and “S.”

Rampike, 29th Anniversary Issue, Volume 10, Number 2, 1999. “Seventeen Long Thin Metal Tubes.”


Neuberger Exhibit. 1998 Originals from Visual Voices in Sackner Archive.

Estampilada de Artista/Artistamp International Exhibition. 1998

Vi bienal internacional de poesia experimental fractarte ‘98

Signal: International Review for Signalist Research, Beograd, Serbia # 19-20, “Eleven., “ #18, “About Signalism.,” #13-14, “Invasion,” “The Real Thing,” “ Untitled.”

Synaesthetic, Double Issue, # 4 and 5. 1998. Cover art, “two,” “Genesis,” “I have only one life to live.”

Kent County Arts Council, Chestertown, MD. 1998. Exhibit of visual poems.

Ohio State University, Archive of Experimental Literature. 1998. Visual Voices and Number Poems.

1997 and Earlier

SFF Net : Basement Full of Books

SUN Magazine Issue 146, 1988. “The Most Important Poem in the World” followed by “The Least Important Poem in the World.”

Transmog 23, 1997. “Imp of the Idling Mind.”

KOJA, issue #1 . 1996. “The free hand will never. . . “ and “The Tangle of poems. . .“

Whole Earth Review #89. Spring 1996. Display ad for Visual Voices, showing “Prayer Poem.”

Score 13, Fall 1995. Review in Small Press Review of "From here to there."

Caliban, 1995. “The Cliffs of Eddie’s Wrath.”

“Performed as Reader of the Chorus in the W. H. Auden and Noah Greenberg Pro Musica Antiqua presentation of “A Maske Presented in the Banqueting Room, at Whitehall, on Saint Stephens Night Last at the Marriage of the Right Honorable, The Earle of Somerset and the Right Noble, the Lady Francis Howard, by Thomas Campion,” at the Kaufman Auditorium of the YMHA, 72nd Street, New York City, January 15 and 16, 1955.”

Dictionary of the Avant Gardes. 2d edition (New York: A Capella Press, 1993). See entries under Irving Weiss and Malcolm de Chazal.

The New York Times Book Review, June 27, 1963. Controversial letter from Irving Weiss, published in the wrong column, concerning review, in a previous issue, by Michael A. Musmanno, of Eichmann in Jerusalem by Hannah Arendt. Controversy continued in opening “Talk of the Town” of The New Yorker, July 20, 1963. XXXIX, No. 22.

The New Yorker, November 3, 1956, XXXII, No. 37, Soiree.”

“Blood of Reunion,” Abstract.  Commentary, November 1948.

Malcolm de Chazal and Sens-Plastique

Water Aphorisms from Sens-Plastique also published in Writing in Water.  A Terra Nova Book,

MIT Press (2001) (Page 33).

RIO: A Journal of the Arts, #3, #4. #5, #6, #8 . 2000. Visual poems and selections from Sens-Plastique.

Duration: A Journal of International Writing. Issue One, July 1999Excerpts:

Mauritian Literature: Malcolm de Chazal

Malcolm de Chazal: Selections from translation of Sens-Plastique by Irving Weiss, accompanied by some of Chazal’s paintings.

Malcolm de Chazal Bibliography

Le Mauricien - Week-End, June 6, 1999, “More English Translations of de Chazal Planned.”

Interview with Irving Weiss. Celebration of Malcolm de Chazal.

Outlet 3: Ornament. 1999. Selections on ornament from Sens-Plastique.

Montserrat Review, Issue #1 , 1998. Essay on and translations from Sens Magique.

See also: Reflections on Childhood.


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Irving Weiss